What three emotional challenges are young children facing today? I am looking for feedback from professionals, teachers, parents and caregivers. I am specifically looking for feedback about children ages 2-6. I have my own concerns and feelings but I am looking for the most prominent issues and challenges that young children are dealing with on a daily basis.

What children experience at this young age certainly affects their ability to relate to others, perform academically and to feel confident in their ability to navigate their every day world. Here are a few questions you may ask yourself about the children that you experience ages 2-6.
1. Do they make friends easily?
2. Are they focusing for reasonable amounts of time for their age?
3. Do they follow directions?
4. Can they express their wants and needs with or without language?
5. How do they transition from one activity to another?
6. Do they have separation anxiety after a reasonable amount of time?
7. How long can they play independently?
8. Do they share toys or have a meltdown when asked to?
9. Are they able to respond when asked a question depending on language abilities?
10. Are they able to manage their emotions with loving interaction?

These are put a few and I am sure that you will find more to add to my list. But please think about what three challenges a majority of the children are experiencing today.

You may comment through my website when not being able to comment on the social media platform you saw this. EQforChildren Website
You may also email me directly at: karen.stone@eqforchildren.com

When I have received all the feedback in the next two weeks, I will post a blog with the what you believe to be the three most important challenges young children are having today.

Thank you and I look forward to your feedback! Karen

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