CJ Weekly Themes

The CJ program, The Voices of CJ, is theme-based and these themes are connected to the 7 Attributes of EQ. It all begins with the CJ storybook. Each of CJ’s points represents one of the EQ abilities that are mirrored in the titles of the individual storybook pages and verse. Reading the CJ storybook as an introduction to the CJ program is especially beneficial and a fun way to prepare your preschoolers through 2nd grade for becoming Creators of Joy.

This program has been devised to teach the 7 Attributes of EQ in a fun and engaging way. It also structures the learning of these skills and behaviors from the easiest to the more complex. Each of the 7 themes has weekly lessons and activities around a specific EQ ability. Once you complete the seven themes, you begin again. The children will demonstrate a better grasp of this skill with every reintroduction of the 7 themes.

The daily activities keep the weekly themes active with quick 5 minute activities that help incorporate these behaviors into children’s social and emotional skill set. Practice is important for all learning including these very important skills that enhance our abilities to succeed and reach our truest potential.


Karen Stone attending a preschool presenting Rainbow Rootie and “Let’s Do A Two Step”