Children Becoming EQ Smart is now happening on our new YouTube Channel, “CJ’s Land of Love and Joy.” Each episode teaches one of Dan Goleman’s 7 attributes of emotional intelligence. We will be raising a new generation of kinder and more compassionate children.  CJ is a great mentor reminding children of the these skills that will help them to feel happier and more resourceful. All his buddies represent one of the 7 attributes.  Children can call on them when they are feeling unsure of themselves.  Their special buddies will comfort them and remind them of their goodness.

Each episode helps children to become EQ smarter for becoming CJs (Creators of Joy)  will develop those skills easily with fun and joy. Parents can sit and watch these fun and engaging lessons and then remind their children to use their new skills.  Leaving home, they can say, “Don’t forget to be a Creator of Joy today.” And when coming home, they can ask, “How were you a Creator of Joy (a CJ) today.  So many opportunities for quality conversation and interaction that is developing EQ skills all the time.

Take a few moments with your children and watch our new YouTube Channel.  Let me know what you think and don’t forget to subscribe so you will be notified of new episodes.