EQ Fun Games/Activities for Children (Ages 6-8)

Play along with CJ and his friends using the activities below

What EQ Ability Do the Characters Teach?

Learn what EQ Abilities CJ and his friends will teach you.


Teaches all EQ skills, one for each point of his star.


Empathy / Relatedness / Heartfelt Communication


Empathy / Relatedness / Kind Voices

Bows... Knows

Motivate Oneself / Self-Confidence / Positive Thinking

Handy Sandy

Impulse Control / Delay Gratification / Cooperativeness

Sweet Soulful Sugar

Self-Soothe / Regulate Emotions / Breathing & Affirmations


Not Letting Emotions Swamp the Ability to Think / Saying I’m Sorry

Rainbow Rootie

Hope / Dreams & Goals / Play & Sharing / Compromise / Problem solving


Persisting in the Face of Frustration / Gratitude


What Developmental Skills Do These Games Teach?

Learn what developmental skills the games will teach your child.


Eye-hand coordination, spatial awareness, visual discrimination, sequential memory, focus, attention

Memory Madness

All visual perceptual processing important in reading, math, attention and focus

Matching Magic

Visual discrimination, visual figure ground, problem-solving, critical reasoning, speech and language development, anger management

Character Choices

Speech and language development, problem solving, critical reasoning, communication, relatedness, emotional and social application skills, fine motor coordination

Emotion Commotion

Speech and language development, problem-solving, critical reasoning, visual discrimination, emotional and social application skills, communication

Word Whereabouts

All visual perceptual processing to include visual figure ground, critical thinking, problem solving, focus and attention

No Rhyme Rhythm

Speech and language development, critical thinking, organization, focus, attention, social and emotional application skills