Back to school anxieties always need emotional intelligence skills. However, the pandemic is presenting challenges that far exceed the normal back to school drama and trauma.  Children usually experience the fears demonstrated throughout history. Such as, will I like my teacher and will she like me?  Are the kids in my class nice? What will the bullies do to me this year? Can I manage the work and homework?  As you may imagine, these are only a few of children’s fears at the start of school.  Also, parents feel these anxieties too.

Back To School Anxieties + the Pandemic

Let’s take the fears up above and add on the fears of the pandemic.  Consequently, anxiety levels are through the roof.  The first day fears always subside as the first days and weeks pass at least most of them do.  However, as the children don their masks and have to remember all the protocols day in and day out, the fear for their health remains ever present. The teacher’s fears though under the surface remain palpable. Parents are struggling with their decisions as to virtual or in-person.  It’s all so unnatural and devastatingly real. If the anxiety and fears are not managed, learning will not take place, physical symptoms will appear and children will pay the heaviest price of all.  Their psyches are vulnerable and developing perhaps setting them up for PTSD once this is over. How do we lesson the ramifications of warranted anxieties?

What Critical Lessons Do Teachers Need To Teach First This Year???

Academics needs to take a back seat for quite a few weeks.  The classroom needs to become the home of expressing and understanding their feelings and how to manage them with mindfulness.  Students deserve to receive skill development in activities that promote emotional well-being.  So many lessons may be actively taught with experiential demonstrations. If educators take this opportunity that they do not usually get to promote emotional intelligence and emotional well-being, their classrooms will come alive.  Bullying in schools will diminish.  Students and academics thrive. EQ raises IQ. EQ is 80% responsible for our success in life.  Parents insist that this takes place.  You have the power to make this happen.

I have been spreading awareness about the need for teachers and parents to teach their children how to employ these critical skills for many years.  To learn more, watch me my visit with RVN TV and visit our YouTube channel.  There we share lots of fun videos that help parents and teachers introduce emotional intelligence to children with some fun interactive characters.