Teacher’s Guide

Hello Teachers,

I am so pleased to be able to offer the first preschool-early education curriculum/guide in building the 7 attributes of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  Characters are very charismatic and play an important role in the daily lives of children.  I have chosen playful and engaging ones to help you teach these very important social and emotional skills.

CJ (our Creator of Joy) and his family of characters will assist you in implementing these very important EQ skills and behaviors into your weekly and daily schedules. Each age group will be able to incorporate these behaviors in different ways. However, no matter the age of your students, with your expertise the activities can be modified to fit your lessons. The EQ skills are taught in a 7 week rotation of themes and daily activities. The initial 7 weeks is an introduction with the next 7 week cycles not only reinforcing these new behaviors but also taking them to a deeper level for integration into children’s everyday language and actions.  Developmentally, children process these skills differently according to their social and emotional maturation. Therefore the continued teaching and reinforcement of these skills are crucial in the next grade level.

There are teacher packages ready with all the materials you will need.  Please go to our online store to order your package.

Please see the section on this website of the weekly themes and daily activities.

Below are samples of the guide. There is an introduction and explanation of each theme and activities to follow.  The materials page identifies what is included in the teacher package.

Please go to our online store to order your teacher package and materials.