When children have social emotional learning, they are more prepared for life. Life preparedness means from early childhood to adulthood.  Children need  to relate to others, be empathic and address their own emotions. If parents and teaches always step in and take over, children are powerless on their own in peer situations, new surroundings, transitions and owning their actions. Is your child emotionally able to take care of himself/herself?When I was a parent, this was not something that even crossed our consciousness. Undoubtedly, today this has to be a topic that is thought about and considered or it needs to be. Thus, what it does mean for a child to be prepared emotionally?

What Does It Mean for A Child To Have Emotional Self-Care

Let me ask you a few questions and you make your own assessment. Remember, you do not attend school with them or other activities. You are often out of earshot and do they tell you what has transpired? You can’t control how the world responds to them or how they respond to their world. However, you can provide them with the tools to do it in an emotionally safe way.

1. Does your child know how to address a bully or mean voices?
2. When faced with a new situation, does your child know how to manage his insecure feelings?
3. Is he/she able to say they are sorry when they make a mistake?
4. Does your child know how to make friends and play in a group?
5. Is your child grateful and say the appropriate thing when he/she receives help?
6. Does your child help other children?                                                                                                                      7.How does your child manage their emotions and self-soothe?

Why Do Your Children Require These Social Emotional Learning Skills Especially Today?

These are important skills in the development of a child’s emotional well-being. Today, we know that these skills increase a child’s success in all that they do. Also, we know that the emotional brain needs this type of stimulation and that it is more important than IQ. Surely, every parent wants the very best for their child and preparing them to meet their emotional demands in the world is giving them a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Please take the time to consider these questions. Explore how to teach your child these skills. The Voices of CJ program is so easy to teach and provides your children with these skills and with mentors that remind them of their goodness and their inherent ability to take care of themselves emotionally. My own background of being bullied and suffering and the recurrent emotional pain has given me the passion/purpose to help children become all they can be. Let’s do this together! We can raise conscious, emotionally secure children. Give your children the gift of social/emotional learning and emotional well-being!

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