Social emotional learning for kids is now coming to you live on YouTube.  EQ Mama speaks to your children about important social emotional learning skills with her buddy CJ (Creator of Joy). Each episode focuses on a different skill with lots of practice in later episodes. Each point of CJ’s 7 pointed star represents a skill that increases emotional brain development. EQ Mama and CJ teach empathy, self-confidence, positive thinking and delay of gratification.

Importantly, children learn to manage their emotions with affirmations .Accountability for their actions and mistakes is learning how to say “I am sorry” and then doing it differently.  When being a great buddy, kids to learn how to support their peers through play bringing feelings of hope/love to their hearts.  Above all, sharing gratefulness emphasizes how to persist in the face of frustration experiencing what is good and right in our lives.

How Did EQ Mama Come About?

Quite a few years ago, I developed the character EQ Mama.  She became part of the “Voices of CJ” social emotional learning kids program.  As I brought all the characters to life through animation, I needed a connection between reality and imagination.  Since all the characters lived far away in HeartPlay, USA, a transitional character was required.  My children began calling me Momma K.  It was an easy transition to EQ Mama. Furthermore, the “Voices of CJ”  social emotional learning for kids program also represents Dan Goleman’s 7 attributes of emotional intelligence (EQ).

Thus, the YouTube channel came into being, “Children Become EQ Smart with CJ”.  Somewhere along the way in the middle of this pandemic I decided to emulate the animated EQ Mama in my own series. Virtual became our reality and “EQ Mama Live” was my way of connecting with kids helping them become emotionally intelligent. Since SEL/EQ are 80% the reason we are successful in life, I wanted children to have the real advantage to success!

EQ Mama Personifies Social Emotional Learning for Kids

So, I played with her in my heart and in my mind for many months.  It all started with purchasing the green wig and the red glasses.  What a hoot for me to be able to able to be with children once again having the time of my life!  And now, she has become a reality with 16 episodes on YouTube and more to come.  Below is my first episode for you to watch.  If you find her as engaging as I do, please share with as many parents and children as you can!