Masking teaches children empathy for themselves and others and is the emotionally intelligent behavior of adults experiencing this pandemic.  It is such a simple solution and yet meets such resistance from those who have not evolved socially or emotionally.  Undoubtedly, the evidence we are seeing today of the consequences of this resistance puts all of us in danger. For me, it breaks my heart to think about how our children are now in more danger than ever.

Why Does Masking Teach Empathy?

Children model the behavior of their care-taking adults and ask questions about the whys of what they are modeling.  Therefore the answers they receive are extremely important in their social and emotional development.  However, the answer, because we have to or someone is making us do it, does not promote healthy emotional development.  This answer teaches resistance and rebellion and provides a victim mentality.  Teaching children the benefits of masking for themselves, their family and community enhances their development of social consciousness promoting empathy.

What Will Help Change The Tide of Senseless Endangerment

I have voiced this for many years.  Our children are our legacy.  Therefore, they deserve the best social and emotional environment that we, as caretakers, are able to provide. Raising a new generation of children with the skills and behaviors that develop healthy emotional brains is paramount.  Providing social emotional learning/emotional intelligence teaching starting at age 2 is critical.  Since this is when their emotional brains are growing the fastest, parents and early childhood educators must realize its importance.  Yes, it is more important than reading.  As a parent and educator, my frustration is palpable.

Change takes so long and yet if not now, then when.  We are in life and death situations as a nation and as a world.  Unfortunately, we see and feel what the lack of social emotional intelligence creates. For goodness sake wear the mask. Teach your children the real reason why and ask yourselves if the resistance and rebellion is worth it. Short term feelings of power, long term results are obvious.  Raise your social consciousness today.  If you are educators, teach the skill of empathy in your classrooms. Aside from all of the reasons I mention above, masking teaches children empathy and it teaches them to know that even their small actions can have a large impact.

Karen and CJ Choose to Mask Themselves
Karen and CJ choose to wear the mask.

Creators of Joy (CJs) Mask Up Everyday!

Being a CJ and Creator of Joy and teaching children to be CJs is my passion and purpose each and everyday.  I created CJ and the Voices of CJ program to address the mean voices of the bullies in my life.  Not wearing a mask when needed to ensure safety is a silent mean voice that speaks louder and louder each and every day.  Without a doubt, there is no empathy in a mean voice only the destruction of the well-being of the recipient.  Children are now recipients of those silent mean voices each day. Their young lives are being endangered.



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