Parent Guide

Hello Parents!

I am so pleased to be able to offer the first early childhood Parent Guide in building the 7 attributes of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  Characters are very charismatic and play an important role in the daily lives of children.  I have chosen playful and engaging ones to help you teach your children these very important social and emotional skills.

Your children are your greatest legacy and your most precious gems. All are individuals with their own personalities and unique talents. I know you want the very best for them and so do I.  As an educator for the last 45 years and a parent of three children, one with significant disabilities, I have come to know and believe that the most important skills parents need to teach their children are social and emotional skills (Emotional Intelligence, EQ).  These skills help them to manage their emotions and feelings and are the key components when relating and connecting to others. EQ gives your children every advantage, including academically, so they can reach their greatest potentials.

The Voices of CJ program has been created to assist you in structuring the play, conversations and family interactions that you and your children do on a daily basis to promote Emotional Intelligence (EQ). This is a new approach in developing children’s social and emotional well-being. The behaviors and voices suggested may feel strange and uncomfortable at first. However, CJ’s voice provides an emotionally safe and fun environment where your children will want to model him and also become Creators of Joy. This program has been piloted and been very successful. Take a look at the comments on the public speaking segment of “About Us” on this website.

The Parent Guide is now available in our EQ Store. This guide comes with a short introduction of each skill and then activities that will help you include these behaviors in your daily routines. The website is interactive with EQ activities that will reinforce the 7 Attributes of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) through the engaging and unique characters. The activities are developmentally grouped by ages. Join your children on the site to open up discussions about becoming emotionally intelligent.