Videos teaching emotional intelligence to children are a great way for your family to engage in quality technological time. Emotional intelligence learned at a very young age promotes creativity, logical thinking, accountability and the phenomenon of raising one’s IQ. Watching these videos as a family opens the space for discussions about each episode and the EQ skill it is promoting.  The characters become the mentors and you and your children are able to reference them in your daily activities. For instance, if one of the characters is teaching accountability then family discussions allow family members to own their mistakes.  Furthermore, engage in role play situations where the need for accountability emerges but not delivered. Then reenact the correct way to establish accountability.

Characters As Mentors Help Children Absorb Content

History of child development has shown the value of using characters to help children process psychological and emotional information.  For example, psychologists have used puppets to allow children to speak to a safe third party when revealing their secrets and fears. Mr. Rogers used characters to visit imaginary places where problems were talked about and resolved. Characters provide a safe space for the protection of their vulnerability. Adults mentoring children often creates judgment and hurt, such as, unconscious facial expressions or tone of voice.  Much care and professional editing gives characters the voices that are constant, loving, and repetitive.  Children hear the content, have time to absorb the content with repetition and model it when supported to do so.

Children Become EQ Smart With Our EQ Videos

I have spent many years developing this program with success in preschools throughout New Jersey and Delaware.  The harsh voices I heard as a child gave me the impetus to create a safe space for children to learn what would protect them emotionally.  My characters have mentored me over the years and their loving voices resonate with my child within.  Headphone reminds me what I sound like to others when my voice projects annoyance and irritation, pure static.  Bows Knows rings in my ears telling me to please have a “happy thought.”  Handy Sandy pats me on the back when I am in service experiencing the feelings of my own goodness and kindness.  Sweet Soulful Sugar tells me the affirmations that will give me a 6 sec change of attitude.

Hug-A-Heart holds me accountable and nudges me to say, “I am Sorry.” Rainbow Rootie’s little song I created vibrates in my consciousness helping me to feel playful and reach out to my buddy for support.  Lillieloverbody is my shining example that I am perfect just the way I am.  JoyChild whispers kind voices to me opening my heart and paying it forward.  And my two new buddies, Trust Me Gut and Conemego sit on my shoulder helping me to listen to my intuition and not my ego.  Thus each one of my characters has helped my inner child become EQ Smart.  If it can work for me at my age, imagine how it will help you and your children.

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