Malcolm Gladwell, who wrote the “Tipping Point” demonstrated to us the power of how we can change styles, thoughts, sayings with just 150 people passing it on.  Let’s do this!   With 2/3 of stepping up to the plate, we can have the tipping point we need.  

Today I was having a heated conversation, aren’t they all today, with a long time friend.  We are not close friends and so I do not know how she thinks about many things.  I was surprised today and yet opportunity knocked and I took it.

My friend was saying, “Is it really her responsibility to change what happened in the past?”  I said that I believed so since we are all human beings and that we have a great capacity for human kindness.

We cannot turn back the clock but we can move forward.  The outrage over Charlottesville is positive though it is causing chaos.  But from chaos always comes change and if most of us truly want change then it isn’t about politics at all.  It is about each us doing one thing each and every day to make this a more loving and positive world.  Stop, take a look around you and extend a kind word, a helping hand, meet someone else needs before your own.  Our next generation is counting on us!