We live in a very chaotic world right now.  Children do feel our stress and anxiety and translate it into their own.  Preschools everywhere are talking about children’s challenging behaviors and asking for help.  Managing our emotions can be begin early.  Two year old’s can be taught to take deep breaths and hold on to a self-soothing object.  Once language begins then we can teach them affirmations or “I Messages” that help shift the brain from a stressful moment to a calmer one and just in 6 seconds.

Six Seconds.org is an organization advancing the understanding of emotional intelligence.  They have brain research now that shows the neurological phenomena of our brains shifting with positive messages in just 6 seconds.

When working with my preschool children, we play with this concept.  I make a sad or angry face and they help me say an affirmation, “I am happy,” and we count the 6 seconds on my hands and they watch my face change.  They laugh and we do it again.

Parents and teachers, this is a simple way to help children manage their emotions, can control and move forward.  It really works and I use it personally all the time.  It is a game changer for me. Here are 11 affirmations that young children love to say!

Set of 11 Affirmation Posters (from the "Voices of CJ" Program)