How do we teach children to become empathetic?  Let’s begin this when children are acquiring their language skills.  This way they will incorporate this skill into their everyday communication with you, your family and their friends.  Teach them to share kind voices or messages.  Children will learn to relate to you and their friends in a kind and caring manner.  You are their models!  They will emulate you!  As I say with CJ…this is learning to become EQ Smart!

Here are some easy sentences for children to share:                                                                                      “Mommy, I like your smile.”                                                                                                                                     “Daddy, I am having fun with you.”                                                                                                                                (Sister), “thanks for playing with me!”                                                                                                                               (Friend) , “I like sharing my toys with you”                                                                                                       (Grandmom),” I like your orange shirt.”

You get the idea.  If they receive a kind voices, please have them remember to say thank you.  That is a kind voice too! This is how we teach our children empathy.  We teach them to notice others and connect with others in a positive and conscious way.  It becomes part of what they do!

Children Become EQ Smart with Headphone!  He is teaching kind voices!

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