As the New Year begins, we all stop and think about the past one and how to choose differently. For me, my greatest challenge ahead stems from the past election chaos.  Though I donated money, signed petitions and alerted my senators and congressman of my concerns, did I do enough? That question haunted me as I was watching our Capitol overrun by our fellow Americans.  Unbelievably, a sea of violent humanity chose racism, antisemitism, and white supremacy over equality.  Thus, the understanding that our freedoms and possibilities afforded us by our democracy was in jeopardy,  was a wake up call.  I too have taken for granted the freedoms we so cherish.  What education is needed to uphold democratic principles and choices?

Where Is The Emotional Intelligence Of This Country?

The last four years has depleted the emotional intelligence of this country.  Emotional intelligence’s foundation is affording all individuals the capacity to become their greatest version of themselves. Equality and differences unconditionally connected.  Taking the temperature of this country’s EQ certainly became obvious on January 6th.  We made advances during the Obama presidency while decency and respect prevailed from the top down.  Watching it torn to pieces has been devastating to me.  Even though I know that taking two steps forward, then a step backward.  Hopefully, we will regain some of those steps forward as we move through curing this country of the Pandemic. What does an emotionally intelligent look like for you and your family and our country?  Let’s begin with me, you and your family.

What does an Emotionally Intelligent 2021 Look Like for You and Your Family?

What does an emotionally intelligent 2021 look like? First, it looks like a greater emphasis on empathy and kindness.  Share kinds words  with your family and friends. Secondly, making choices that build self-confidence/motivation by thinking positively and taking actions to mindfully do so.  Thirdly, helping others whenever and wherever we can placing other’s needs before our own.

Fourthly, managing our emotions by teaching your children to self-soothe and not letting others control what we say and do. Fifthly, always being accountable for those actions with apologies and doing it differently. Sixth, have quality play time that promotes relational activities.  While playing use the opportunity to teach compromise, sharing and being a good friend.

And last but certainly not least, being grateful for what we have and who we are.  Share your gratefulness at dinner time each day.  Watch frustration and disappointment diminish.

What Difference Will This Make for Our 2021 Year?

Taking positive action to prevent the loss of our civil liberties, begins with what we teach our children. For in teaching our children how to be emotionally intelligent, as adults we too will have to model what it looks like.  Our children mirror us each and every day.

Please share this blog with your family, friends and co-workers.  Join me in stepping up to plate for the real progressive change that must take place in this country! This works and we can do this!  Thank You!

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