CJ (Creator of Joy®) Teacher’s Kit


All orders will receive a FREE “Color Me CJ” Coloring Book

CJ Teacher Kit Includes:

  • All you need to help the children in your classroom become “EQ Smart.”
    • CJ Plush Toy
    • A Teacher’s Guide to Teach for Building 7 EQ Abilities in Your Classrooms
    • CJ Storybook, “Joy, What A Way To Feel!”

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The “Voices of CJ” early childhood social and emotional learning program is a proven approach to children learning the skills that enable them to learn and thrive in your classroom, home and wherever they play. This program is an easy, fun and creative way to teach young children the 7 attributes of EQ: empathy, self-confidence, delay of gratification, managing emotions, accountability, sustaining hope and persisting in the face of frustration. The children acquire these skills by learning and using CJ’s 7 EQ Smart Voices. CJ’s lovable buddies help him to teach these skills in an engaging series on YouTube.

The Teacher’s guide provides daily and weekly lesson plans for entire year! The EQforChildren.com website has free games and activities to enhance learning these skills. Additional classroom materials to supplement teacher guide are available in our EQ Store and on Amazon.

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