CJ (Creator of Joy®) Parent Kit


#1 Best-Selling Children’s Toy!

With award-winning, EQ For Children’s Parenting Kit, your child will learn: 

✔  How to develop self-confidence and feel good about themselves
✔ How to manage emotions
✔ How to make friends

Why EQ For Children?

✔ Children love playing with CJ
✔ Easy to use and can see immediate changes in behaviors
✔ Great for all children up to age 6

CJ Parenting Kit Includes:

✔ CJ Plush Toy
✔ “A Guide to Teach the 7 EQ Abilities At Home”
✔ CJ Storybook, “Joy, What A Way To Feel!”


✔ EQ for Children YouTube channel supports learning EQ Smart skills

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The Voices of CJ program is an easy, fun and creative way to teach young children the 7 attributes of EQ: empathy, self-confidence, delay of gratification, managing emotions, accountability, sustaining hope and persisting in the face of frustration. 

The children acquire these skills by learning and using CJ’s 7 EQ Smart Voices.  CJ’s lovable buddies help him to teach these skills in an engaging series on YouTube.