The emotional brain grows the fastest from birth to six.  How do we stimulate healthy growth?  We have a very short window of time to help our children development healthy emotional brains.  The emotional brain and the skills needed to ensure healthy development has not been considered a necessary inclusion in parenting or educating during this critical time period.  What is it going to take to wake up our young parents and the educators of young children to make this a priority?  Our emotional well-being is the key to our success in the years to come.  It is 80% the reason we are successful in life.  It also increases IQ which is determined by what we know.

What do children need to learn from 0-6! They need to….

  1.  Learn to be empathic to others and to build a vocabulary of kindness and consideration.
  2. How to build self-confidence and an understanding that positive thinking is the key.
  3. Meet others’ needs through helping and service to develop the ability to delay gratification.
  4. Manage their emotions with easy techniques such as breathing and affirmations.
  5. Learn to accept responsibility for their actions and say, “I am sorry” understanding that words are not enough and actions must follow.
  6. Build relationships with others that will sustain them, give them support and help them to sustain a hopeful nature.
  7. Meet challenges with a sense of gratitude for what they do have and so teaching gratefulness is essential.  Saying thank you is just not enough.

We are not teaching our young children these skills.  Technology and materialism has taken the place of family quality time and a reverence for human life other than what we want or have.  We have more challenging behavior in young adults and children than ever before.  What is it going to take to wake up those who are influential enough to help us open eyes to what is important in child development. I don’t have the answer but we owe our children this emotional well-being because it is needed today more that ever.

Please share this if you agree and let’s find those people with influence who can help us wake up and help to give our children a better internal future.