Thanks to our Kickstarter campaign coming soon, I along with all my SoftStone staff are excited to announce the creation of our new YouTube Kids channel, CJ’s Land of Love and Joy.  CJ and his family of 8 characters including our latest edition, the adorable and wise EQ Mama will come alive through animation.  EQ Mama along with our characters will teach the 7 attributes of emotional intelligence through the fun and engaging Voices of CJ.  Early childhood parents and teachers will be able to share these videos learning together those skills and behaviors that develop the emotional centers of the right brain.  These centers grow the fastest from birth to six.  EQ skills are 80% the reason we are successful in life. We also know that EQ raises IQ.

We are scheduled to complete 10 episodes with the first two already in progress.  Our Kickstarter campaign will feature a video of my story with CJ and the first episode, Meet EQ Mama.  After 30 years of doing this on my own, I am asking for help from Kickstarter.  I am so grateful for this opportunity.  SoftStone and myself have been committed to children’s emotional intelligence and helping them to feel emotionally safe and now taking this leap into YouTube will help this to become more of a reality with YouTube/Social Media.  Emotional intelligence is also now in the forefront in raising children today.