We have made a mess of this world. Let’s change how our children think so that we can clean it up. This can only happen by raising a new generation  emotionally intelligent children! With all our intelligence and technology, we have a leaders with no conscience or scruples, racism still exists, and our children aren’t physically or emotionally safe their schools, Our Earth is quickly become a toxic wasteland. Now this may be somewhat extreme but it is close to our reality. As adults, we are responsible for this mess. Our children will inherit this mess unless we change how we think and feel about humanity. Let’s change how our children think and feel about themselves and humanity.

How Do We Change how our children think?

I believe that children are our only hope. Therefore, we need to raise them with emotional brains that are developed to include empathy, self-confidence, delay of gratification, ability to manage their emotions, accountability for their actions, sustaining hope through quality communities, and last but not least surviving challenges through seeing the glass half full…gratefulness. These qualities are Daniel Goleman’s 7 attributes of EQ. If this begins by age 2 when their emotional brains are growing the fastest well….we may have a chance to clean up our mess.

Teaching these children these skills is easy for at early developmental ages they are sponges. Consequently, they will become human beings with emotional well-being makes choices that include the 7 attributes of EQ. We have nothing if we don’t have this…money, things, even our health suffers. There is no magic bullet or pill but each child who becomes EQ Smart becomes that magic bullet and that super pill.

Help me reach our young children with CJ and his family of characters. My website introduces children to CJ and his family of characters.  Along with that are games and activities for developmental ages 2-10.  Children with disabilities learn their feelings with emojis to assist in their learning to manage their emotions. Certainly,  my YouTube channel alone can help build these emotional skills. I have provided all this free on my website and on YouTube. There are no apps you have to buy. Please share my website and YouTube channel with just one young family today! Share how important this is!

Let’s clean up this mess one emotionally intelligent child at a time!

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