The best part is when we extend our kindness, we feel our empathy, our own compassion and our souls light up with love and joy!  The more we feel this, the better we serve all people everywhere!

The political chaos nationally and the heartbreak of so many lives lost and changed forever, numbs us.  We forget to stop, take a breath and remember to do something each day that will affect someone’s life and touch their hearts.  I can’t truly make a difference in Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico and Las Vegas.  My heart aches for these people.  So, where can I make a difference?  Where can the majority of us make a difference?  So many are doing so much good in these places but what can we do in our own backyards.  Kindness multiplies…yes it does!!  You are kind to someone in your family or a stranger and they in turn pass it forward.  We do pass it forward!

Let’s model kindness for our children, let’s help them feel their empathy, compassion and joy.  Put your phones away at dinner time and talk about how each of you shared your kindness each day.