Parenting is a challenge today.  The CJ Parenting Package is the perfect gift for your friends with children, for grandparents and even for yourselves.  Visit our EQ store on and begin to spread the awareness and assistance needed in raising children today in our crazy world. The holidays represent family, joy, giving, service, gifts and most of all love.  Children love CJ and his 7 voices and coming soon we have a YouTube channel with CJ his family of characters teaching the 7 Voices of CJ in animation.  It’s easy, fun and engaging.  What a perfect gift!

Parenting has always been challenging; however, even more so today with both parents working, schedules, technology and our children being exposed to so much that influences their behavior and feelings.  I have experienced many challenges as a single parent and now I am watching my friends and their adult children expressing their concerns for their children’s emotional well-being.  Teaching our children ways to feel emotionally safe is what every parent hopes to do.

As I have known for many years, every parent wants to give their children the sun, the moon and stars.  This year let it be CJ and his 7 voices!