If you could help one veteran this weekend, what would you do?  This Memorial Day gives us the perfect opportunity to show our gratefulness for the men and women who volunteer to serve our country and keep us safe.  The current atmosphere for our service men and women who serve  overseas in areas that are volatile and chaotic casts a dim picture for their return and re-entry into civilian life. Many return with PTSD, MBI, and anxiety and stress issues that inhibit their natural transition back into their former lives.

Every day we hear of veteran suicides and the inability for them to get the services they need to overcome their current mental and physical status.  Recently on a TV drama, Seal Team, they showed the frustration and mental confusion of a Seal who attempted to get help through the channels of our Veterans Bureau.  It was heart breaking to watch his earnest attempt to seek help and how he was blocked in every way.  He saw no answer other than to commit suicide to stop what was occurring in his brain every day.  He was a hero and played a major role in keeping this country safe.  I am sure that this TV drama played out the current frustrations of so many of our service men and women.  While watching this, I had a thought.

What if we each took the time to contact a veteran and offer our assistance and help in supporting their urgent need to return to mental wellness?  What if we asked them how we could help and we become an additional voice for their current status. I am not sure what this would look like but you will let me know through your emails and comments.

I promise to take that step here in my own backyard.  It is time that I not only give money to veterans and the wounded warriors’ organizations, and my clothes and household items but also my personal time and support.  I have no idea how this will help but perhaps we will find out together.

Will you join me in this important venture to reach out to our veterans and see what we can do to help? Perhaps I will be able to help them with some EQ skills that will support their emotional well-being.  What skill do you have that you can offer? We are basically a loving and caring nation.  Let’s show our children how to serve those that serve us in keeping us safe and free to create a rich and full reality.

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