What does holiday gift giving with emotional intelligence mean? Up until this year, holiday giving has been a mindless journey to spend money and be overly indulgent.  People over extend their credit jeopardizing their physical, emotional and psychological well-being for months to come.  The wealthy often substitute big tag items for quality time and intimacy.  Spending has gone over the top and our children spend endless hours preparing their lists and checking them twice. The pressures of the holidays getting to everyone.   Such as, family gatherings that are over the top with everyone trying to outdo the other.  Last minute racing around to make sure you have covered all your bases. Work parties costing a fortune with everyone looking forward to going home. What does the holiday look like?

What Does the Holiday Look Like?

This year we have different and unique scenarios, concerns and pressures. People are staying in lines waiting to take a Covid test to see if they can go home for the holidays.  If negative, they quarantine for 14 days and hope they are safe for all their elderly relatives.  In addition, miles long waits to get enough food for the week to come without thoughts of holiday favorites or fixings.  Storming stores and malls for hot ticket items is a vague memory.  Small family gatherings and children asking Santa for food and clothes.

The Pandemic has changed our lives. We can moan and groan about all the changes or use it as an opportunity for something new to evolve. Perhaps, this holiday will bring a new understanding of what is really important. How may we help those who face this Christmas unlike no other? For example, let’s make this Christmas look different for our children teaching them service, empathy genuine kindness, delay of gratification and gratefulness.  What does holiday gift giving look like EQ style?

What Does Holiday Gift Giving with Emotional Intelligence Look Like?

Undoubtedly, the lists have been made and the shopping has begun.  Sitting our children down and talking to them about our unique Christmas is a start. Present all the different scenarios for other children who are not as fortunate as them.  Ask your children what they are grateful for in your home.  Make a list and check it twice, you too parents.  Suggest to them that they have a unique opportunity this Christmas to help and serve their community.  Ask for ideas from them and make a list.  The process has begun.  You will be amazed what your children devise and decide to do.

Perhaps they share their list of gifts with another child in their classroom ( not buying double but sharing).  Making a dinner together for a family may come up. Most of us have too many clothes and toys.  Time to pack them up and pay them forward. Not only sharing what they have but also providing joy for other families.  When was the last time you had a scavenger hunt, outside of course?  Certainly, this is what an EQ giving holiday looks like.

Share all your EQ style unique ideas with me and I will pass them on. Email them to info@eqforchildren.com!

Happy Holidays to all my CJs Creators of Joy!