Children in community service is a great esteem builder.  When participating in community service in their communities, it is an opportunity to build their self-esteem and confidence. Especially this holiday year, so many ways to  teach your children how to extend their hand when needed.  This is an important skill and behavior to teach your children even as young as three.  Children learn this behavior by modelling your behavior.  They then begin by serving you, their siblings and family. How does service or helping create feelings of self-worth?

How Does Community Service Promote Feelings Of Self-Worth?

This doesn’t automatically take place.  Though the receiver says thank you and it feels good at the moment, it does not translate into feelings of self-worth.  The parent must reinforce this important behavior.  Emotional feedback from an important caregiver is the key.  Children want to please those who provide them nurturing and love.  Please give them the emotional feedback for their help each and every time.  Let’s see how this works and the language needed to build self-esteem.

Please don’t say just “Good Job.”  Give them the emotional phrasing that builds a sense of self and confidence. For example, let’s look at a behavior that is an everyday occurrence.  “Thank you, for helping me pick up your toys. (always include what the behavior is).   You are my great helper when you pick up your toys.”  Then you ask them how it feels to help.  They may reply “good”.  Ask them why it felt good.  And so the language of feelings and service become a part of your everyday life. And also, you are also accomplishing language development and showing children how to be relational. What are some examples of family “service” projects.

What Are Some Good Examples of Family Service Projects

A family service project where everyone participates is a perfect way to spend quality time.  It offers many opportunities for building the language of feelings and how we learn to feel our goodness.  Gather your children around and have a family meeting.  Ask them for suggestions and then decide together which ones you hope to tackle.  If your children are too young, pick a project that they can help in some way.  Create an assembly line to stuff packages.  Learn music and songs that you can sing as you visit the older communities (outside this year).  Get a list of children in the hospital and have your children create pictures for them with a message.  However, these are just a few and your children will suggest ones that are even better.


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