Parents, are your children emotionally safe when you aren’t present?  We worry about our children’s physical safety but emotional safety hasn’t become a priority yet unless your child has fallen victim to emotional abuse.  Oftentimes, children will not tell you if they are experiencing mean behavior.  They fear repercussions, embarrassment and lack of confidence.  So far, the actions taken by the different schools and community activities haven’t stopped bullying.  So many initiatives and so little success.  How can bullying be worse than ever?  What is the answer to keeping your child safer when you are not present.

What Is The Answer To Keeping Your Child Emotionally Safe?

We have followed many routes to do so.  Home schooling, private lessons, private schools, changing communities, PTA initiatives are some of the options parents have taken.  These are all good ones.  However, there is a better one where your children become responsible for their own emotional well-being. Developing skills that address how to manage the many emotional challenges we experience each day is important and critical.  Though you want to keep your children safe in every way, this is impossible.  From the minute they are born, we are raising them to be independent physically.  We need to do this emotionally also.  What are the skill behaviors that will help your children manage emotionally when you are not present?

Becoming Emotionally Intelligent Was My Answer!

Having not learned these skills as a child, I suffered at the hands of the adults, teachers, bosses who I depended upon to survive and thrive. Becoming emotionally Intelligent is how I have learned how to remain emotionally safe in a very emotionally unsafe world.  I now have the skills to manage my emotions and to not take personally offensive remarks or actions.  No longer do I hide from the world nor do I remain passive.  I take positive steps to address those actions in a way that I can respect and that does not warrant a comeback. Had I had this skill as a child, I would not have suffered the painful and demeaning effects to my emotional well-being that I did. Parents, your children deserve to have these skills.

Becoming EQ Smart Will Help Keep Your Children Emotionally Safe

Your children acquiring EQ skills will help them maintain their own emotional well-being.  They will have the ability to understand their aggressor and to respond with a positive action that quiets the bully and does not initiate more of the same.  They also need the skills to self-soothe and calm themselves and to regain their stability.  The skills of positive self-talk, service and gratitude build a strong sense of self that also provide the emotional strength to keep the presence of mind to use these important skills when they are confronted.

Does it just happen?  Absolutely not!  But practice at home and in an emotionally intelligent classroom brings the mindfulness so needed at these stressful times. Build an emotionally intelligent home!  Encourage your child’s school to become Emotionally Intelligent!

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