Here I am at my favorite place!  Chris and Ed Imperiosi are the owners of the Lily Pond Country School.  I am so grateful for their support and continued dedication to the “7 Voices of CJ’ early childhood emotional intelligence program.  They have graciously shared their comments below.  Jessica Bertollo is a dedicated teacher and she has embraced CJ and the program with enthusiasm.  When I walk in there every couple of weeks, the children are so excited to see me yelling, Miss Karen is here and then they run for CJ.  When this picture was taken, CJ and I were all decorated for the holidays.  This time they all told me what they loved about the holiday most with their families.  Good eats, snuggling, playing and fun outings.


Over the past several years Lily Pond has been in search of a program that we could seamlessly implement into the curriculum to reinforce the basic but most essential values of caring for self and the development of healthy relationships with family and friends.  Our search for this vital program ended when we were introduced to Karen Stone’s E curriculum.  From the very first day that her lively and engaging characters were introduced we could see the children fully embracing the values of friendship and relationship.  The program is colorful, lively and fun.  We have been pleased with the awesome results and feedback we have received from both our teachers and the parents.  Thank you Ms. Karen!

Ed Imperiosi/Lily Pond

I have been implementing the voices of CJ program in my pre-k class for the past year.  I believe it has positively impacted the way the children respond to their own confidence as well as how they treat their classmates in such a kind matter.  It brings such a sense of love and compassion into the classroom. The children adore each of the seven voices of CJ and every EQ voice brings such a great message to them.  I personally love bringing this program into my daily curriculum.

Jessica Bertollo, Lily Pond Country Day School

My heart just sings with joy when I realize that CJ is really making a difference!