Remember to give a Gift of Love, a Kind Voice, to your friend.

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Give Your Child the Best Social & Emotional Development by Teaching Them Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a direct result of learning the skills that promote managing one’s emotions and thinking in a positive framework. Working as a family or in the classroom with different personalities is significantly easier when we have an understanding of the language of feelings and emotions and how to manage them effectively.

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CJ and His Family of Characters Teach Children the Seven Attributes of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

CJ’s Friends help promote the development of healthy emotional brains.

Learn How CJ’s Family of Characters Teach EQ


JoyChild teaches children how to speak from their hearts for our hearts resonate with love.


Headphone tunes in the good voices and tunes out the bad voices.

Bows... Knows

Bows… Knows loves when we make good choices and have happy thoughts.

Handy Sandy

Handy Sandy is a great helper and teaches children ways that can help placing another’s needs before their own.

Sweet Soulful Sugar

Sweet Soulful Sugar raises her voice in affirmations of love for oneself.


Hug a Heart understands how hard it is to say “I’m sorry.”

Rainbow Rootie

Rainbow Rootie says that we are all one, have the same insides and emotions, no matter what.


Lillieloverbody wiggles with joy for she loves her body and appreciates all that she has.

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