Karen Stone, BA, Special Ed, MA, Learning Disabilities, has worked in the education field for more than 45 years. Karen’s education background and her own experiences being bullied from childhood to early adulthood, at home and school led her to authoring an anti-bullying blog, www.howwestopbullying.com.  Karen’s work is also influenced by her experiences raising a son with significant disabilities.

Karen’s professional experiences as an educator also helped her to see that for children to be successful whether they had disabilities or not, they needed to value themselves, each other and their abilities. Research now tells us that healthy Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the key to meaningful and successful lives. The crucial time for this is during our early formative years but it is never too late. Karen was 60 when she was finally able to turn those demeaning voices into positive ones.

As CEO of SoftStone Products, Inc., Karen has written and piloted research-based children’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) programs implemented with students from Preschool to High School. These programs and affiliated children’s characters provide adults with activities to bring Emotional Intelligence (also known as EQ, as opposed to IQ) into their homes and classrooms.

Karen’s book, Is Your Child’s World Emotionally Safe?, will be debuting soon. This book not only reveals her personal story but also makes a compelling case for the inclusion of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in every home and classroom.

Her longtime dedication to people with disabilities and their productive place in society is being realized by having a select group of SoftStone’s materials be reproduced, collated and fulfilled by people with disabilities at the Abilities Solutions Center in Westville, NJ and Bancroft.org in Haddonfield, NJ.

Karen’s passion and dream of CJ, her life’s work, and her professional and personal commitment to people of intellectual disabilities have now merged together. Recognizing the vocational abilities of people with disabilities and creating emotionally safe environments for children in homes and schools creates the opportunity for them all to reach their unique potential.