Remember the song, Reach Out and Touch (Somebody’s Hand) by Diana Ross?  This is how we keep hope alive.  I encourage all those who have small children or work in an early childhood setting to have each child have a buddy each week.  At home, the buddies can be Mommy or Daddy or a sibling,pet or doll.  At preschool, each child has a buddy and has fun with that buddy all week long.  Buddies are also great to share stories with good and sad.  Hope is sustained for all of us in how we connect with others, especially our buddies.

As human beings we all need to connect to keep our humanness alive and well.  This is EQ attribute #6 (Sustaining Hope) and so important to teach at a very young age.  Opening our hearts and sharing our wins and losses gives them meaning and provides the lessons that help us remain kind, generous and caring.  Tell someone about who you are so that they can reach out and know how to be your great buddy.

Buddies, not just friends, are very special people. They are there when you need them and when your heart is yearning to feel loved and accepted.  Teach your children how to be a good buddy by being each others.