Acknowledgment & Repetition

How do you teach or train your children to receive positive feedback? This is actually a very important skill. If we do not learn this, then only the negative feedback will be remembered.  That seems to stick like glue. This will affect every aspect of becoming emotionally able to meet challenges and overcome life’s ups and downs. Children have these times too.

Getting positive feedback to remain active takes acknowledgment and repetition. For Ex. “Thank you, mom.  I am really glad that I can help you when my sister is cranky. “Reinforcement. “Dad, thanks for thinking my project was neat and that I made it different.” Reinforcement.

Stop, give, listen and receive. Yes, it takes work just like all important skills do.  We didn’t learn to read or do math in one easy step.  However, if you do this, the rewards will be great.

Oh, how my life would have been different if I had only been taught as a child or young adult to receive kindness and encouragement.  Was there any positive things said to me?

What I remembered was how I was bullied, discouraged and left to fend for myself emotionally.

We are so busy and running our children from one activity to the next or just engrossed in our tech world.  Please take the time to give your children the gift of remembering what is so very good about them.